7 Modern Crown Moulding Ideas Crown Moulding Isn’t Old

Crown Moulding

The interior of a home may be decorated with a variety of ornaments. Moulding is one of the oldest. In truth, moulding dates back to Ancient Egypt, when elaborate crown moulding was manually carved into stone buildings. Modern mouldings tend to be less ornate. However, cove moulding is a classic that always stays in style and may add style to any area in your house.

Locate Mouldings for Your Home Renovation

A tried-and-true trim design that may still be found in contemporary homes is crown moulding. It may be added to your house while preserving a modern aesthetic.

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Crown Moulding: What Is It?

Interior trim is referred to as “moulding.” Where the ceiling meets the walls is where extensive cove crown moulding is installed. Originally intended to fill up any gaps between the walls and ceiling, it now mostly has decorative value.

Crown moulding: Is it outdated?

It is not an intrinsically outmoded design, even though it is frequently encountered in older residences. Crown molding may be used to modernize and animate your property. We’ll look at a couple of these possibilities.

Create complementary accents with colour

Crown Moulding

Although you would assume cove crown molding is usually white, it can be painted any colour. Crown moulding will seem new if you paint it if you already have it. A fantastic accent colour to choose goes well with the space.

Alternatively, you can add or replace crown molding to a room if you plan an extensive renovation. Choose two contemporary hues that go well together – one for the walls and one for the molding – if you want to give the space a new appearance. Finally, crown molding may be used in your house in various enjoyable ways.

Kitchen cabinet tops can be embellished with crown molding

The area between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets is frequently filled with crown molding. A lovely accent is created using the same material for the moldings and the cabinets. The design can be mild or quite complex, depending on how much room you have. Crown molding may be as straightforward as a solid piece of wood, even though most people consider it towering pieces with intricate designs.

In any case, giving your cabinets a new look by just adding crown molding is possible!

Accentuate using corner blocks

Crown molding is also practical when used as a corner block. An item that may be used for both the interior and outer corners of the space is a corner block. These items assist in emphasizing the room’s trim even more.

Oblong blocks and raised moulding panels are both examples of corner blocks. However, consider employing them as short accent pieces to give a space dimension.

Style Shelving Or Storage

Crown moulding can be used to give shelves a decorative edge. For example, consider using a crown moulding edge to accentuate floating shelves.

Similar to built-in wall shelves, crown molding can be incorporated. For most homes, built-in wall shelves serve as essential storage places. But their appearance could be better. Frames may be both valuable and elegant by adding moldings.

Add Accents to the Trim Around Windows and Doors
 Trim Around Windows and Doors

There are windows and doors in almost every room. Both are underrated characteristics that can be used as accents. However, a door or window can become the center of attention by having crown moulding added as trim.

The natural light that enters via windows is maximized using white or a similar bright hue. Keep in mind that moulding doesn’t have to be elaborate or extensive. Even a streamlined, svelte design may leave an impact. Crown molding applied to doors or windows gives them a simple, contemporary facelift.

Draw focus to the features of the room

Remember that you may trim whatever you wish to be the center of attention using crown moulding. An older property, for instance, benefits greatly from having a fireplace as a focal point. They may be kept looking new while retaining their historical significance by trimming them with new crown moulding.

Additionally, you may apply trim to the edges of large mirrors like those in bathrooms. This might make them stand out and avoid blending into the background. In your home’s archways, it may be employed straightforwardly. Lastly, trim below curtain rods highlights your windows and makes a space appear lighter.

Structural Elements in Disguise

The last application of crown moulding is to conceal functional but ugly elements, as was the original intent. For example, crown moulding can cover steel beams or utility ducts to cover them up and make them look more attractive. Again, converted garages are the ideal location to accomplish this since they contain numerous elements that need to be covered.