Since 1958, Cove Crown Mouldings has assisted customers and clients with custom millwork for homes and businesses. We all know that some projects may be demanding; thus, we provide a range of services to aid in your project’s timely completion while keeping a high level of service quality.

Free Estimates

For any building or remodelling project, please make an appointment with one of our experts for a free on-site measurement and a blueprint takeoff.

Modular Moulding

Please choose from one of our stock knives or have any crown moulding design customized using hand-drawn sketches, plans, or existing wood samples.


For any project, we offer a list of top-notch contractors and trade name recommendations.

Deliveries with a Focus

We provide local delivery on Monday through Friday; standard freight is delivered for locations outside our delivery zones.

Service for Prefinishing

With all of our products, priming and pre-finishing services are offered. With the help of one of our on-site lab professionals, you may match colours and create the precise finish you require.

Service for sharpening saws

Improve the sturdiness and efficiency of your tools. Accurate bespoke 45-degree angle cuts made using a lock mitre machine.